French 1: Wednesday April 25 Lesson Plan

DUE: p. 227 exs. 8 & 9

{5 minutes} Oral Practice: Students read responses to Exercises 8 & 9 to each other, checking for agreement of ce/cet/cette/ces forms and adjectives!
  • CAH checks homework at this time.
{15 minutes} Written/Oral Practice: Students write Exs. 8 & 9 on board, we check for masculine/feminine and singular/plural agreement.

{30 minutes} New Grammar: Interrogative Adjectives! (quel/quelle/quels/quelles p. 228)
  • Recall some phrases we've already used: Quel âge as-tu? De quelle couleur? Quelle heure est-il? Quel jour est-ce que tu as français? Quelle taille? Quelle pointure?
  • We've used forms of quel before!
  • quel = which? what? or what!
  1. Quel foulard veux-tu? "Which scarf do you want?"
  2. Quelle est ta saison préférée? "What is your favorite season?"
  3. Quelle belle fille! "What a beautiful girl!" Quels beaux garçons! "What handsome boys!"
  • Note that our friend Qu'est-ce que means "what"... but we use it a little differently from quel:
  1. Qu'est-ce que tu penses? "What do you think?"
  2. Qu'est-ce que tu veux? "What do you want?"
  3. Qu'est-ce que vous faites? "What are you doing?"
  • Practice p. 228 Exs. 12 & 13: students get time to write answers at desk, then write on board.
 Les Devoirs:
  1. Do p. 229 Exs. 14 & 15. (As always, write complete sentences!)
  2. Write descriptions of two ideal outfits, two outfits that you like to wear.
    • Each outfit must include five items of clothing from Vocab List 7.1.
    • You must describe each item of clothing with an adjective.
    • Each outfit must go with a different season.
    • Use phrases like Je porte..., je voudrais porter....

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