French 1: Thursday April 19 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! But of course, you have studied like crazy for...

{30 minutes} Chapter 6 Grammar Quiz! Items the quiz will cover:
  1. p. 188: partitive (de)
  2. p. 190: -ir verbs
  3. p. 192: conjugation of vouloir (to want)
  4. p. 200: conjugation of prendre (to take)
  5. p. 202: imperative (giving commands)
{30 minutes} Practice New Vocabulary List 7.1: Les habits/vêtements!

Les Devoirs: Write all new vocab words and phrases four times:
  1. Include drawings of all items depicted on pp. 222–223.
  2. Write all terms from Exprimons-nous! on pp. 223 & 224
  3. Write all four Entre copains terms on p. 225.

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