French 1: Monday April 23 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write all new vocab words and phrases four times:
  1. Include drawings of all items depicted on pp. 222–223.
  2. Write all terms from Exprimons-nous! on pp. 223 & 224
  3. Write all four Entre copains terms on p. 225.
{10 minutes} Grammar Warm-up: Verb Conjugation!
  • Students write conjugations for porter, chercher, perdre, prendre, avoir, and vouloir.
  • If in doubt, look up conjugations in back of book (R24–R25!) or on's verb conjugator.
  • CAH checks vocab homework for completion during this time.
  • Pick students to write conjugations on board.
{5 minutes} Vocab 7.1 Review: Pronunciation Practice! Écoutez et répétez!

{25 minutes} New Voacb Practice: Do pp. 224–225 Exs. 3, 1, 2, and 4 together.

{20 minutes} La Nouvelle Grammaire: Demonstrative Adjective! p. 226
  • this and that = ce/cet, cette
  • these and those = ces
  • notice: ce becomes cet when it comes right before a word that starts with a vowel: cet anorak, cet ami.
    • But watch out! This rule does not mean that you always use cet with masculine nouns that start with vowels! You say cet homme, but if an adjective intervenes, and that adjective starts with a consonant, cet goes back to ce: ce grand homme. And if you have a noun that starts with a consonant but then stick an adjective that starts with a vowel in front of it, ce becomes cet: cet ancien médecin.
  • new vocab: I read form with definite article, students respond with proper demonstrative adjective
Les Devoirs:
  1. For next time: Write p. 227 Exs. 8 & 9 (yes, write complete sentences).
  2. For mardi, le premier mai: Study for Vocab Quiz 9.1!

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