French 2: Tuesday April 24 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!

Les phrases à traduire pour mardi!

Translate the following sentences, using the relative pronouns qui, que, and dont.
  1. The actor who plays the hero is handsome.
  2. The actress who plays the heroine is magnificent.
  3. The movie that I saw Saturday is exciting.
  4. The book that Jeanne read has many twists.
  5. The director who made Star Wars is rich!
  6. The drama that is playing at the cinema is depressing.
  7. The comedy that is coming Friday is funny.
  8. I like the same actor whom you like!
  9. Our parents hate the horror movies that we adore.
  10. Anne-Marie likes the mystery novel I gave her.
  11. I saw the actor whose last movie was a flop.
  12. They saw the director whose last spy movie a hit.
  13. That's the movie whose actors are all French.
  14. That's the romance novel whose author lives in Paris.
  15. We watched a cartoon whose story we couldn't understand.
{20 minutes} Review homework on relative pronouns (remember: p. 314 has the rules and examples)
  • Students write sentences on board. CAH checks homework for completeness during this time.
  • Students read answers aloud, check grammar.
{10 minutes} Compose more relative pronoun sentences.
  • Each student thinks up a sentence about movies or books that in English would use who, whom, which, that, or whose as a relative pronoun.
  • Students write those sentences on board (with name!), say aloud for group.

{60 minutes} Work time for movie posters!

Les Devoirs: Les posters de film! Each student creates a poster including the following (all entirely in French!):
  1. Title
  2. Names of actors/actresses,
  3. Name of director
  4. "Critics' comments" (you can make these up!) that would entice people to see this movie
  5. Appropriate images.
See some classic French movie posters by Hervé Morvan!

Students should be prepared to present these posters and say a few words in French about them in class next time!

Students should also be studying for Vocab Quiz 9.1, scheduled for Monday, April 30!

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