French 2: Monday April 16 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! But you have, of course, studied comme un fou for...

{25 minutes} Vocab Quiz 7.2 (pp. 246–247... plus at least one word from our previous vocab list on camping gear... see pp. 234–235!)

{25 minutes} Future review with predictions! Students write and read aloud (in small groups, then full group) responses to p. 254 Ex. 35.

{25 minutes} Verb Grammar Review!
  • Each student should make a four-by-four grid as follows:

  • présent
    passé composé (58, 60)
    (250, 252)
    verb #1

    verb #2

    reflexive verb
    (162, 174)

    verb of motion

  • With verbs of their choosing, students fill in the grid with sentences showing the same action in these four different temporal forms. Par exemple:

  • présent
    verb #1: boufferMarie bouffe.
    Marie a bouffé.
    Marie bouffait.
    Marie bouffera.
    verb of motion: tomber
    Nous tombons!
    Nous sommes tombés!
    Nous tombions!
    Nous tomberons!
Les Devoirs: rien, mais étudiez comme fou pour l'examen des verbes (esp. l'imparfait p. 198 et le futur simple p. 250 and irregulars on 252) mercredi!

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