French 1: Tuesday April 3 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write twenty original sentences using vouloir:
  1. The first ten sentences must use different subjects, different nouns from Vocab 6.1 as direct objects, and the partitive: Je veux du/de la/des... ("I want some...").
  2. The next ten sentences may use any subject (though never the same subject twice in a row) and any direct object (noun or infinitive verb); in other words, you can say that so-and-so wants a thing or that so-and-so wants to do something.
{25 minutes} Vocab Quiz 6.1 (pp. 184, 185, 187, 189)

{10 minutes} Make up all remaining breakfast skits!

{10 minutes} Go over vouloir sentences: students read aloud!

{20 minutes} -ir
verbs! (p. 190)

choisir: to choose
je choisisnous choisissons
tu choisis
vous choisissez
il/elle/on choisit
ils/elles choisissent

Other -ir verbs:
  • finir: Je toujours finis mes devoirs
  • grossir: Le bébé grossit parce qu'il prend beaucoup du lait.
  • maigrir: Nous maigrissons parce que nous souvent faisons du vélo.
  • grandir: Les fleurs grandissent parce qu'il y a beaucoup de soleil.
  • réussir (à): Tu réussis au français?
  • Practice with pp. 190–191: Ex. 14 first (listening!), then Ex. 13 (binary choice), then Ex. 15 (fill in blank)
{20 minutes} Le nouveau vocabulaire 6.2! (pp. 196–198)

Les Devoirs: Write all new vocab words and phrases four times!

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