French 2: Thursday April 12 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Revise les histoires d'aventure en plein nature and prepare for presentation in front of class.
  2. Write 20 original sentences in the future tense—i.e., saying somebody will do something!
    • Ten sentences must use je as the subject (I will...).
    • Ten sentences must use a different subject.
    • Every sentences must use a different verb! (I would suggest starting with the Chapter 7 Vocab List on p. 265, using all the verbs there, then working backwards through our other vocab lists!)
{10 minutes} Prepare stories with translators!
  • Students pair up (CAH assigns), prepare translations of each other's stories.
  • Note that you really need to listen to each other and speak very clearly!
{40 minutes} Student present stories to class!
  • Story author may read from script, but story translator must listen an translate without notes.
{30 minutes} Review future tense homework!
  • Each student writes one sentence from homework on board.
  • Students check each other's work for proper future form!
  • Highlight irregular forms as they arise!
Les Devoirs: rien! but study for...
  1. Vocab Quiz 7.2 (pp. 246–247) next time, lundi, le 16 avril!
  2. Verb Quiz on the imperfect (p. 198) and future tense (p. 250) meeting after that, mercredi, le 18 avril!

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