French 2: Monday December 10 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: pp. 136–137 Exs. 33, 34, & 35.

[30 minutes] Go over homework!

[10 minutes] Practice depuis/ça fait... que/il y a... que: Do p. 147 Ex. 4.

[20 minutes] Review Vocabulary 4.2! Face à face drill!

Les Devoirs: (1) Study for Vocab Quiz 4.2 and (2) Translate the following sentences:
  1. Bob did nothing.
  2. Luc saw no one.
  3. Liselle ate something bad.
  4. Camille talked to someone.
  5. Jean-Claude speaks only French.
  6. We've been in Paris for five days.
  7. Pierre and Antoine have taken math for ten years.
  8. Pauline has been taking history for three months.
  9. Someone has been using the phone for three hours.
  10. Something has been making noise (faire du bruit) since midnight.
  11. No one has been here for two hours.
  12. No one has been here since two in the afternoon.
  13. Nothing has been happening for two weeks.
  14. I haven't seen anyone for three days.
  15. I have been eating only bread and cheese since Monday.

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