French 2: Wednesday December 12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Translate the following sentences:
  1. Bob did nothing.
  2. Luc saw no one.
  3. Liselle ate something bad.
  4. Camille talked to someone.
  5. Jean-Claude speaks only French.
  6. We've been in Paris for five days.
  7. Pierre and Antoine have taken math for ten years.
  8. Pauline has been taking history for three months.
  9. Someone has been using the phone for three hours.
  10. Something has been making noise (faire du bruit) since midnight.
  11. No one has been here for two hours.
  12. No one has been here since two in the afternoon.
  13. Nothing has been happening for two weeks.
  14. I haven't seen anyone for three days.
  15. I have been eating only bread and cheese since Monday.
Mais d'abord:

[30 minutes] L'examen de vocabulaire 4.2! pp. 130–133

[60 minutes] Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz Review! 

You need to know four big grammar points from Chapter 4:
  1. depuis, il y a... que, ça fait... que (p. 136)
  2. suivre (p. 134)
  3. quelqu'un, quelque chose, ne... personne, ne... rien... ne... que (p. 124)
  4. Object pronouns in the past tense (p. 122)

Today's homework practiced all of these items except the object pronouns. We start by putting these sentences on the board.

Then practice the time expressions by revising these sentences: students change depuis sentences to ça fait/il y a... que structure and vice versa.

Then practice the someone/no one expressions by changing #1–4 to say different things (CAH will prescribe).

Then practice the ne... que structure by writing the following five sentences:
  1. I watched only two movies. [Yes, the que goes after the verb, right before the direct boject we are limiting!]
  2. Robert only wants a sandwich.
  3. We did only one grammar exercise.
  4. We took only one French test.
  5. My friends bought only three baguettes.
Finally, practice object pronouns in the past tense by writing the following sentences:
  1. The sandwich? Marie ate it.
  2. The pie? We ate it.
  3. The sandwiches? Liselle ate them.
  4. The pies? I ate them.
  5. The class? They took it. [use suivre!]
  6. The car? Robert followed it.
  7. The math classes? Guillaume took them. [again, use suivre!]
  8. The girls? The dog followed them.
Les Devoirs: rien! Mais édiez comme fou pour l'examen de grammaire de Chapitre 4, que vous allez passer vendredi!

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