French 3: Thursday January 3 2013 Lesson Plan

CAH en France! Donnez l'amour au substitut!

DUE: rien!

[5 minutes] Make sure each student has signed up for an oral exam time! (see yellow sign-up sheets on southeast wall)
  • Remember: Oral exams start next week on Monday!
[20 minutes] Study list of historical dates!
  • Students take turns reading aloud dates and historical information en français!
  • Then have students pair up. One says the date en français; the other responds with the historical event from the list (yes, students may look at sheets while practicing).
  • On the oral exam, CAH will ask five questions pertaining to these historical dates. CAH will give the event; students will have to respond with a complete sentence. For example, if I ask, "Quand a Napoléon perdu à Waterloo?" you could respond, "Napoléon a perdu à Waterloo en mille huit cent quinze" ou "...en dix-huit cent quinze."
[20 minutes] Semester Oral Exam Practice!

[20 minutes] Vocabulary Review: Chapter 1!
  • See all words, including conversation phrases and slang terms, on pp. 6–9 and 18–21.
  • See an incomplete one-page list on p. 37.
  • Abigail leads pronunciation practice (she reads, students repeat) on Vocab List 1.1.
  • Katharine leads pronunciation practice on Vocab List 1.2
  • Board practice: send three students to board. Teacher gives one of the vocab words in English; students race to write the proper French  word or phrase! Student who gets it first gets to stay at the board; other two sit, replaced by two new contestants. Do this for 20-30 words, as time permits.
[10 minutes] Brief Chapter 1 Grammar Review! Have students look at that following grammar points from Chapter 1:
  1. Basic regular verb conjugations for -er, -ir, and -re verbs (p. 10)
  2. Seven really important irregular verbs: aller, avoir, ê, faire, prendre, venir, and I'm adding vouloir! (p. 12) Students should look up and write the six-part present conjugation for vouloir in their textbooks on p. 12!
  3. Past tense/passé composé (p. 22)
  4. Imperfect/imparfait (p. 24)
Les Devoirs: Écrivez pp. 34–35 Exs. 2, 3, et 4!

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