French 3: Friday December 21 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Write possible answers to each of the Semester Oral Exam questions!
  2. Pick one place or one object from the French trip itinerary that you'd like to see. Prepare a minimum-three-minute presentation on this place/object of interest to deliver today. 
    • Make sure you've entered your chosen topic on the Shared Google Doc topic chart.
    • Prepare a 30-second introduction to your topic in French and deliver this introduction without notes.
    • The rest of the presentation may be in English or French, delivered with or without notes (but please, please, please, not read directly from a transcript, because that it usually deathly boring).
    • Audiovisual aids are welcome but entirely optional. I will grade the quality of your French introduction (pronunciation, information, grammar) and the quality of the main presentation (a clear explanation of what makes this place/object so interesting).
    • Topics can be any place on the travel itinerary, with the exception that you cannot do one whole city. 
    • Topics can also be specific objects at certain places, like specific art works in the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, etc.
[10 minutes] Students still to present psych up while CAH checks homework!

[50 minutes] Students present! Ten to go!

If any time remains at the end of class, review the draft Semester Oral Exam Questions!

Les Devoirs: Pratiquez le français 15 minutes par jour pendant les vacances. 

  • Écoutez et répondez aux questions de l'examen oral.
  • Révisez le vocabulaire et le grammaire des Chapitres 1, 2 et 3.

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