French 1: Wed/Thu January 2/3 2012 Lesson Plan

CAH en France! Donnez l'amour au substitut!

DUE: rien!

[20 minutes] Oral Exam Practice!

  • Play the French 1 Semester Oral Exam video; pause to allow student responses.
  • Make sure every student has signed up for a time on the Semester Oral Exam Sign-up Sheet (southeast wall).

Les Devoirs: Verb conjugation! Practice the full six-part present tense conjugation of each of the following verbs by writing six complete sentences for each verb!
For example: if I give you the verb répondre, don't just write Je réponds, tu réponds, elle répond, nous répondons, vous répondez, elles répondent. Write six full sentences, each with a different prepositional phrase or direct object or some such complement following the verb. Next to each sentence, write what you mean in English!

1. Je réponds à maman. I respond to Mom.
2. Tu réponds au prof? Are you answering the teacher?
3. Elle ne répond pas à la question. She is not answering the question.
4. Nous répondons aux questions. We are responding to the questions.
5. Vous répondez à papa? Do you respond to Dad?
6. Michel et Murièle ne répondent pas aux enfants. Michel and Murièle don't answer the children.
  • Do not use Google Translate. Make all sentences from vocab available in our textbook.
  • You may use to check verb conjugations. For example, you can enter the verb aller into the WR verb conjugator and see all six present forms of the verb. 
  • Do not copy anyone else's sentences. You may ask other students questions, but working together does not mean one student comes up with original sentences and the other copies them down. 
Got it? Good! Start writing—six sentences for each of the following verbs, each one translated into English:
  1. écouter
  2. manger
  3. parler
  4. jouer
  5. vendre
  6. commencer (Consider using a verb after each one of these. For instance, you could say "Bob is starting to eat" by putting the infinitive "to eat" after the conjugated form of "commencer": Bob commence à manger.)
  7. préférer
  8. attendre (remember: you don't need a preposition for "for" after this verb!)
  9. aller
  10. faire
  11. être
  12. avoir

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