French 2: Thursday December 20 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs:
  1. Write six questions and six answers using vocab from Chapter 1 in each sentence.
  2. Write six sentences using avoir, être, an -er verb, an -ir verb, an -re verb, and a couple of adjectives!
[20 minutes] Chapter 1 Vocab and Grammar Review
  • Students pair up, ask each other the questions from their homework. Circulez quelques fois!
  • Each student writes two sentences from his/her homework under the six grammar categories covered on the board! Review!
[25 minutes] Chapter 2 Vocab Practice! pp. 42–45 and 54–57.
  • Drill vocab words English to French and French to English!
  • Ask questions from Exprimons-nous!
[20 minutes] Review Chapter 2 Grammar!
  • Direct Object Pronouns (p. 46)
  • Indirect Object Pronouns (p. 48)
  • passé composé with avoir (p. 58)
    • Note the irregular past participles!
  • passé composé with être (p. 60) with "verbs of motion"
[25 minutes] Oral Exam Practice!

Les Devoirs: pensez et parlez 15 minutes chaque jour pendant les vacances de Noël!

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