French 3: Monday December 17 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Enter 10 noteworthy dates in French history in the chart provided on the French 3 Shared Google Doc History Chart!
  1. Year is sufficient for date. 
  2. You must include a short one-sentence description of each event in English, then provide a French translation for each!
  3. Hmmm... je me demande... où est-ce que nous pouvons trouver les dates clefs de l'historire française?
[20 minutes] History Practice! Students read (en français!) what they think are the three most interesting dates from their lists. But note: students can't repeat events read by someone else.

[15 minutes] Oral Exam Discussion!
  • I'd like to include a little history on the oral quiz: ask you about some subset of the historical events you've listed and have you respond with the dates (yes, number practice!).
  • I'd also like to review the vocab we've quizzed in Chapters 1–3.
  • I could also include questions about the topics we've discussed (musicians, the education system and le bac, sights in France, etc.).
  • What are your suggestions for the oral exam? What kinds of questions would you consider fair assessments of your progress in listening to and speaking in French this semester?
[55 minutes] Le temps à travailler!

Les Devoirs: 
  1. E-mail me your non-binding suggestions for oral exam questions.
  2. Due mercredi, le 18 décembre: Pick one place or one object from the French trip itinerary that you'd like to see. Prepare a minimum-three-minute presentation on this place/object of interest to deliver on Wednesday. 
    • Make sure you've entered your chosen topic on the Shared Google Doc topic chart.
    • Prepare a 30-second introduction to your topic in French and deliver this introduction without notes.
    • The rest of the presentation may be in English or French, delivered with or without notes (but please, please, please, not read directly from a transcript, because that it usually deathly boring).
    • Audiovisual aids are welcome but entirely optional. I will grade the quality of your French introduction (pronunciation, information, grammar) and the quality of the main presentation (a clear explanation of what makes this place/object so interesting).
    • Topics can be any place on the travel itinerary, with the exception that you cannot do one whole city. 
    • Topics can also be specific objects at certain places, like specific art works in the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, etc.

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