French 1: Wed/Thu December 12-13 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! parce que vous avez passé tout le temps en bachotant pour...

[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 4.2!

[60 minutes] Review for Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz!

For the quiz you're taking next time, I want you to know five things:
  1. How to express need with avoir besoin de (j'ai besoin de, tu as besoin de, il a besoin de...) and il me faut (p. 125)
  2. How to conjugate -re verbs (p. 116)
  3. How to conjugate -ger/-cer verbs (p. 118)
  4. How to conjugate the accent-changing verbs (the verbs that add accents grave in the 1-2-3-6 forms; a.k.a. the shoe verbs, boot verbs, sheep verbs; p. 128)
  5. How to use adjectives as nouns (p. 130).
In-Class Assignment: Translate the following 30 sentences into French! Show them to CAH by end of period for full credit!

-re verbs
My sisters need to study.
Do you sell t-shirts?
I need a pencil. We are selling our books.
Do you need a pen? Are you waiting for Mom?
Marie needs some sneakers. They are answering the prof.
Do you need erasers? I hear my dog.
We need to go to the library. He's losing his book.

-ger/-cer verbs
accent grave verbs
We are placing the TV here (ici). We are raising our hands (les mains).
We are correcting our homework. They are raising their hands.
We pronounce French well! She prefers French.
We eat croissants. We prefer German.
We are starting the test. Are you buying some ice cream?
We are disturbing our parents. I am buying some ice cream.

adjectives as pronouns
I like the green t-shirt, not the red one.
They need the French dictionary, not the Spanish one.
We like the little binders, not the big ones.
Do you want (voulez) the black pens or the blue ones?
I want (veux) the white sneakers, not the gray ones.
He wants (veut) the new calculator, not the old one.

Les Devoirs: rien... mais étudiez beaucoup pour l'examen de grammaire la prochaine fois!
  • Also, if you do not finish the above sentences in class, you must finish them and submit the remaining sentences to me by the end of the next class period!
  • After you have finished writing all 30 sentences, check your work with this handy answer key.

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