Club français: meeting minutes! 2011.10.27

The Club français held an organizational meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2011, in the French room (Rm. 125) at Spearfish HS. Present: Wade Vandine, Brianna Rommen, Shelbee Kinghorn, Amber Mohr, Kyra Nelson, Adrianna Taft, Steve Rivers, Kenzie Falk, Daniel Evans, Megan Street, Shelby Berg, Alex Jones, Justice Mack, Abigail Burnett, Katharine Hall, and Lexie Kephart.

Conversation focused on brainstorming ideas for fundraising for club activities and for the proposed student trip to France in the 2012-2013 school year. Fundraising ideas include the following:
  1. sell food at games and lunch time (Audrey and Shelby say their moms might be able to provide food)
  2. conduct raffles (one suggestion: hair styling?)
  3. craft sale
  4. Tour de France SD: benefit bicycle race around Spearfish
  5. seek sponsorships around town (consider selling ad space on club t-shirts)
  6. charge admission to French movie nights
  7. hold kids events
  8. summer car wash
  9. garage sale
  10. silent auction
  11. rent-a-Frenchie: auction off French club members as workers
  12. benefit basketball game
  13. sell cool French shirts during Homecoming
CAH said that we will first need to firm up plans for the trip so we know how much money we need to raise and when we need it by. Then we can pick and schedule some fundraising activities.

Club events: Students suggested the following club activities:
  1. Movie night
  2. pen pals
  3. crepe night
  4. tutoring (by club members, maybe even arrange meetings with M. Barnaud!)
Members decided to start club activities with a movie sometime after school in November. Students will check athletic practice schedules to find the "lull" between fall sports and winter sports when most folks could attend after school. Students suggested holding the event in the French classroom would be fine for the first movie event. Date, time, and specific title will be decided at our next meeting or via online poll!

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