French 1: Dec. 12-13 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Clock Practice!
  • Draw 12 analog clocks (not digital!). Under each clock, write what time it is (en français!).
  • At least six of the clocks must show hard time (i.e., a time that isn't exactly on the hour, a time that includes some minutes).
{10 minutes} Reveillez les cerveaux français! Quelle heure est-il?
  • Go around the room and ask five different people, "Quelle heure est-il?" Ask once for the current time, then ask for the time indicated on one of the clocks you drew for today's devoirs!
{10 minutes} Review telling time: CAH drills!

{20 minutes} Practice days of the week, with aujourd'hui, hier, demain, "Avant-hier" et "après-demain"

{20 minutes} "Un peu plus" p. 120: lundi vs. le lundi
  • J'ai anglais le vendredi = "I have English on Fridays" (regularly)
  • J'ai anglais vendredi = "I have English on (this) Friday" (one imminent instance)
  • CAH drills students, ask each to make two statements, one about what they are doing on a specific day coming up, one about what they do regularly on certain days of the week.
Les Devoirs: Interview another student in class about her/his weekly schedule.
  • Ask one question about each day of the week: Qu'est-ce qu tu fait le lundi/mardi/mercredi....
  • Write down one sentence about one activity on each day of the week.
  • For at least five of the activities, tell what time the student does the activity.
  • Be prepared to present these answers out loud in class next time.
Also study for Vocab Quiz 4.1 (including the "Entre Copains" words on p. 114) two meetings from now (Dec. 16 & 19).

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