French 1: Dec. 20-21 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! p. 116 Ex. 8: write out sentences, complete with proper conjugated form of given verb!

{10 minutes} -re conjugation practice!
  • Place the verbs attendre, entendre, perdre, répondre, vendre, rendre on the board, with space for conjugations below.
  • Each student must come to the board and fill in two of the blanks with properly conjugated verb forms.

attendre entendre perdre répondre vendre rendre






{10 minutes} Review p. 116 Exercise 8

{5 minutes} Listening Practice! Do p. 116 Exercise 7 together!

{15 minutes} Do p. 117 Exercise 9 in pairs
  • Some students get odds, some get evens!
  • 8 minutes to compose logical sentences using the -re verbs on p. 116.
  • 7 minutes to write sentences on the board under columns for each picture (each pair writes all three sentences!).
{15 minutes} -ger/-cer verbs!
  • Note that these verbs revisit the -er conjugation pattern (see p. 46)
  • The only difference is that to preserve the soft -g- and -c- before the -ons of the nous form, we need a couple spelling tricks!
  • To keep the -g- soft, we add an -e- before the -ons:
    • mangeons
    • changeons
    • échangeons
    • corrigeons
    • dérangeons
    • encourageons
    • voyageons
  • To keep the -c- soft, we tack a cedilla on the c:
    • commençons
    • plaçons
    • prononçons
    • remplaçons
    • avançons
    • lançons
  • Note that commencer takes à before the infinitive for the activity we are starting:
    • Nous commençons à travailler.
    • Je commence à faire mes devoirs.
    • Vous commencez à corriger nos interros de vocabulaire?
{15 minutes} Practice -ger/-cer verbs!
  • Do p. 118, Ex. 12 together
Les Devoirs:
  1. -re verbs: p. 117 Ex. 10
  2. -ger/cer verbs: p. 119 Exs. 13 & 14

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