French 1: Dec. 6-7 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Vocab 4.1 writing practice! Handwrite four times each vocab word and phrase on Vocab List 4.1 (top half of p. 141) and each word in the "Entre copains" box on p. 114.

{15 minutes} Reveillez les cerveaux français!
  • Students drill each other on new vocab while CAH checks homework.
{20 minutes} Review Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz! Make sure everyone is on top of...
    1. p. 82: conjugation of être
    2. p. 84: adjective agreement
    3. p. 94: possessive adjectives
    4. p. 96: contractions with de
{30 minutes} Vocab Practice
  • Quels cours as-tu? Ask students to list the courses they are taking this semester. (Be ready for les arts industriels, le dessin....)
Les Devoirs: Do pp. 114–115 Exs. 1 and 5.
  • Ex. 1: write out both the given sentence and the given response, not just the letter of each answer.
  • Ex. 5: never mind the time; just write your opinion of each course you choose (fascinant, intérresant, ennuyeux

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