French 1: Dec 16-19 Lesson Plan

DUE: 12 translated sentences!
  1. I have chemistry today at 11.
  2. Jean has history tomorrow at 3.
  3. Martin has music class now!
  4. We have German class Friday at 8.
  5. The girls have physics Monday at 7 in the evening.
  6. The boys have computer class Tuesday at 7:45 in the morning.
  7. You (sing.) have phys. ed. Thursday at 14:22.
  8. Céline has biology (every) Wednesday at 11:55.
  9. Luc has geography (this) Tuesday at 13:38.
  10. My friends have Spanish (every) Monday at 19:15.
  11. My brother has art class this Saturday at 12:10.
  12. Your girl cousins have math class Sunday at 18:55.
{30 minutes} Review vocab in sentence translations on board!

{30 minutes} Vocab Quiz 4.1! p. 114 "Entre copains" and p. 141 Vocabulaire 1

{15 minutes} -re verb conjugation!
  • recall -er verb conjugation (p. 46)
  • compare to -re verb conjugation (p. 116)
  • example verbs: attendre, entendre, perdre, répondre, vendre, rendre....
Les Devoirs: p. 116 Ex. 8: write out sentences, complete with proper conjugated form of given verb!

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