French 2: Dec. 6-7 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Handwrite three times all vocab words and phrases in Vocab List #1, p. 149, plus the four "Entre copains" phrases on p. 121. (Check pronunciation on Google Translate or online textbook at as you write!)

{10 minutes} Students practice oral interview questions and answers with each other while CAH checks homework for points.

{60 minutes} Oral Interview Quiz!
  • CAH will ask you five questions about where one can buy certain groceries (Où est-ce qu'on peut acheter...?).
  • To get full credit, you need to respond in a complete sentence saying where one can buy such things (On peut acheter... à ...).
  • You can use le supermarché in no more than one response. The rest of your responses must use terms for specific shops.
  • CAH will ask you two questions about whether you like shopping, who in your family does the shopping, and/or what items you enjoy shopping for.
  • You must then ask CAH one grocery-related question. CAH will respond in second-year French. You will translate his response into English.
While students take quiz in hall, students in classroom work on...

Les Devoirs!
Écrivez une histoire!
  • Students must write a mininum ten-sentence story in French.
  • The story must use at least 20 words/phrases from Vocab List 4.1 (top half of page 149, plus four phrases in "Entre copains" on p. 121).
  • Students must highlight all terms from Vocab List 4.1.
  • Students may type or handwrite this assignment.

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