French 1: Dec. 22-Jan. 3 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. -re verbs: p. 117 Ex. 10
  2. -ger/cer verbs: p. 119 Exs. 13 & 14
{30 minutes} Review -re/-ger/-cer verbs!
  • Students write sentences on board, check grammar!
{30 minutes} Practice Semester Exam Oral Interview Questions!
Les Devoirs: Write 20 original sentences using the -re/-ger/-cer verbs given on pp. 116 & 118!
  • Use each verb once (with the exception of rendre, which gets double duty in the phrase rendre visite à)
  • In each sentence, include either a time or a day of the week!

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