French 1: Dec. 14-15 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Interview another student in class about her/his weekly schedule.
  • Ask one question about each day of the week: Qu'est-ce qu tu fait le lundi/mardi/mercredi....
  • Write down one sentence about one activity on each day of the week.
  • For at least five of the activities, tell what time the student does the activity.
  • Be prepared to present these answers out loud in class next time.
{45 minutes} Students present schedules aloud!
  • After each presentation, CAH asks students two questions from each schedule! Students chosen to respond must answer for points!
  • Possible questions:
    • Quand est-ce qu'il/elle...? (When does the person under discussion do a certain activity?)
    • Quel jour est-ce qu'il/elle...? (On what day...?)
    • A quelle heure est-ce qu'il/elle...? (At what time...?)
    • Qu'est-ce qu'il/elle fait lundi/mardi/mercredi...? (What does so-and-so do on a given day?)
{45 minutes} In-class translation practice! Write down translations for the following sentences:
  1. I have chemistry today at 11.
  2. Jean has history tomorrow at 3.
  3. Martin has music class now!
  4. We have German class Friday at 8.
  5. The girls have physics Monday at 7 in the evening.
  6. The boys have computer class Tuesday at 7:45 in the morning.
  7. You (sing.) have phys. ed. Thursday at 14:22.
  8. Céline has biology (every) Wednesday at 11:55.
  9. Luc has geography (this) Tuesday at 13:38.
  10. My friends have Spanish (every) Monday at 19:15.
  11. My brother has art class this Saturday at 12:10.
  12. Your girl cousins have math class Sunday at 18:55.
Les Devoirs: Show CAH these written translations!

Also: Study for Vocab Quiz 4.1
("Entre Copains" p. 114 plus Vocab List #1 on p. 141)

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