French 2: Dec 8-9 Lesson Plan

Note! Schedule is messed up! We'll get back in synch next week. But for now...

Maroon 1 & 3, December 8: We take the oral quiz!

White 2, December 9: Guest Speaker! Marion, BHSU exchange student from France

Les Devoirs! Everyone! Écrivez une histoire!
  • Students must write a mininum ten-sentence story in French.
  • The story must use at least 20 words/phrases from Vocab List 4.1 (top half of page 149, plus four phrases in "Entre copains" on p. 121).
  • Students must highlight all terms from Vocab List 4.1.
  • Students may type or handwrite this assignment.
  • Due Date Maroon 1 & 3: Monday, Dec. 12.
  • Due Date White 2: Friday, Dec. 9

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