French 1: Dec. 2-5 Lesson Plan

Note: CAH gone on Friday, December 2!

DUE: rien, parce que vous aurait dû etudier pour...

...{30 minutes} Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz!
  • Quiz is on Moodle!
  • Page 106 has the summary of all four points. See also:
    1. p. 82: conjugation of être
    2. p. 84: adjective agreement
    3. p. 94: possessive adjectives
    4. p. 96: contractions with de
{30 minutes} Chapter 4 Vocab Introduction!
  • Draft a student volunteer to hook her/his computer up to (a) the speakers on my desk and (b) Google Translate!
  • Students turn to pp. 112–114, practice new vocab!
  • Student on speakers enters each vocab word into Google Translate (pay attention: include accent marks using Virtual Keyboard! see image below!)
  • Play the audio of the word on the speakers, all students repeat sound together; repeat three times.
  • Do this process with every word and phrase highlighted on pp. 112 and 113, as well as the vocab words in the "Entre copains" box on p. 114
Les Devoirs: Vocab 4.1 writing practice! Handwrite four times each vocab word and phrase on Vocab List 4.1 (top half of p. 141) and each word in the "Entre copains" box on p. 114.

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