French 1: Dec. 8-9 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Do pp. 114–115 Exs. 1 and 5.
  • Ex. 1: write out both the given sentence and the given response, not just the letter of each answer.
  • Ex. 5: never mind the time; just write your opinion of each course you choose (fascinant, intéressant, ennuyeux
{20 minutes} Day Practice!
{30 minutes} Vocab and time
  • Do p. 114 Ex. 2 listening exercise together
  • Put clocks on board with different times, practice telling time with variety of numbers
  • emphasize et quart/moins le quart, et demie (demi with minuit and midi)
Les Devoirs: Clock Practice! Draw 12 analog clocks (not digital!). Under each clock, write what time it is.
  • At least six of the clocks must show hard time (i.e., a time that isn't exactly on the hour, a time that includes some minutes)

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