French 2: Dec. 12-13 Lesson Plan

  • Maroon 1 & 3 (Dec. 12): Écrivez une histoire utilisant au moins 10 phrases et 20 mots/expressions du Vocabulaire 4.1 (you may include words from the "Entre Copains" section on p. 121). Highlight all Vocab 4.1 words!
  • White 2 (Dec. 13): rien! But bring your stories!
{30 minutes}: Make up all remaining Oral Grocery Quizzes!

{15 minutes} In trios, read your stories to each other and practice translating.
Prepare to read out loud in class!

{45 minutes} Individual practice with CAH reading stories aloud

Les Devoirs:
Prepare with a partner to read your vocab story out loud to the class. Your partner will provide the English translation... without notes!

Also prepare for a vocab quiz over List 4.1 (including Entre Copains words) two meetings from now, Dec. 16 & 19!)

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