French 1: Friday January 18 2013 Lesson Plan

[60 minutes] Five big verbs!
  1. pouvoir
  2. vouloir
  3. savoir
  4. voir
  5. devoir
  • We're studying these verbs now because they are among the 100 most frequently used words in French, and we haven't had a lesson on them yet!
  • We are studying these five together because they all end in -oir and because they all follow a shoe/boot/sheep conjugation pattern!
Les Devoirs:
  1. Write six-part conjugation charts for each of the above verbs.
  2. Write three sentences for each verb. Each of the three for each verb should have a different subject. (In other words, you can't write all of your vouloir sentences about yourself—Je veux danser; je veux chanter; je veux manger.) 

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