French 2: Tuesday January 22 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write Vocab 5.1 List, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains words and phrases, quatre fois! Don't forget the five fun phrases for "Get the lead out!" on p. 161.

[5 minutes] Hurry up! Wake-up drill!
  • In sequence, each student turns to neighbor and says one of the five "Hurry up!" phrases on p. 161:
    1. Dépêche-toi!
    2. Vous allez être en retard.
    3. Tu es prêt? (masc.) // Tu es prête? (fem.)
    4. Alors, on y va?
    5. Arrête de traîner!
  • In response, each student should say he or she is doing something: Je me brosse le dents... je me lave... je me lève... etc.
  • Each student must use a different phrase from what the person before him/her did. 
[15 minutes] Oral Practice: Morning Routine
  • First, practice in pairs, asking "Qu'est-ce que tu fais chaque matin?" and answering "Chaque matin, je..." with a statement or two about something you do each morning.
[20 minutes] More Vocab Practice: Do p. 160 Exs. 1, 2, & 3 together

[25 minutes] Reflexive verbs! p. 162!
  • Show conjugations of s'appeller, se laver, se lever on board (students should also write them down!)
  • Practice p. 162 Ex. 6 together
Les Devoirs: p. 163 Exs. 8 & 9

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