French 3: Thursday January 24 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: enter the name of the Famous French Person on whom you plan to present on Monday and three links with info about that person on the French 3 Shared Google Doc.

[15 minutes] Grammar Practice: Verbs!
  • Students au tableau! Practice conjugating rester, écouter; finir, commencer, attendre, aller, faire, être; avoir, et venir.
  • Practice present, past, imperfect, and future.
[35 minutes] Vocab Practice: List 4.1!
  • Vocab Quiz Wednesday, so let's study!
  • Quiz the words out loud.
  • Do pp. 136–137 Exs. 1, 2, 3, & 4 ensemble!
[40 minutes] Work Time: Famous French Person Presentations!

Les Devoirs: Presentations Monday!
  • Each student will prepare a presentation on a famous French person. Current or past, politicians, artists, scientists, you name it—as long as the person is French, you're good.
  • That free rein given, permit me to suggest de Gaulle, Napoléon, Chagall (Belarussian, but he moved to Paris), de Tocqueville, Chanel, Descartes, Jeanne d'Arc (especially if you've been to Rouen!), Weil, Renoir, Monet (again, Rouen!), Bernhardt (l'actrice!)...
  • Same rules as last time: 30-second intro entirely in French without notes; minimum three minutes for full presentation.
  • Audiovisuals are welcome but not required to support your talk (it's always nice to see what these famous people look like)

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