French 3: Tuesday January 22 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write Vocab 4.1 List, including Entre Copains et Exprimons-nous quatre fois! (pp. 134–137)

[30 minutes] Vocab Practice!
  • First, students in pairs quiz each other on Vocab List 4.1. CAH checks homework and listens for good pronunciation.
  • Then CAH asks questions about Saliou, Coumba, et Amadou, les personnages de l'histoire qui introduit Chapitre 2; then move to person-to-person questions.
  • Then see how much of p. 136 Exercises 1, 2, & 3 we can do together.
[30 minutes] Presentation/Communication Practice: Gossip Skits!
  • Students pair up, create a quick ten-line skit in which they discuss someone's romantic fate. (You can only talk about someone in the room with that person's permission!)
  • Each student should say at least five lines. Use Vocab 4.1!
  • Students present in class today!
  • After each skit, two students ask questions of the players.
Les Devoirs: Presentations on Famous French People!
  • Each student will prepare a presentation on a famous French person. Current or past, politicians, artists, scientists, you name it—as long as the person is French, you're good.
  • That free rein given, permit me to suggest de Gaulle, Napoléon, Chagall (Belarussian, but he moved to Paris), de Tocqueville, Chanel, Descartes, Jeanne d'Arc (especially if you've been to Rouen!), Weil, Renoir, Monet (again, Rouen!), Bernhardt (l'actrice!)...
  • Same rules as last time: 30-second intro entirely in French without notes; minimum three minutes for full presentation.
  • Audiovisuals are welcome but not required to support your talk (it's always nice to see what these famous people look like)
  • DUE Thursday, January 24 (next time!): enter the name of your person and three links with info about that person on the French 3 Shared Google Doc.
  • DUE Monday, January 28: Presentation, live, in class!

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