French 1: Tue/Wed January 8/9 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!

[30 minutes] Practice Oral Exam!

[30 minutes] Continue Grammar Practice: Verbs!

  • Students put sentences from remaining verbs on board.
  • Practice changing the subject of each sentence to practice conjugation.
[30 minutes] Oral Exams in class!

Les Devoirs: To practice Chapter 4 grammar, translate the following sentences:
  1. Your brother needs to study.
  2. Do you need sneakers?
  3. I need a pencil.
  4. Are you selling your books?
  5. We are waiting for Dad.
  6. I often lose my homework.
  7. We are throwing the pencils.
  8. We are starting our homework.
  9. We pronounce Spanish badly!
  10. We repeat the sentences.
  11. Are you lifting the chair?
  12. I am buying some chocolate.
  13. I like the gray sneakers, not the green ones.
  14. I want the white rulers, not the purple ones.
  15. Pénélope likes the little eraser, not the big one.

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