French 2: Tuesday January 8 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien!

[30 minutes] Oral Quiz Review!

[30 minutes] More Grammar Review: Verbs!
[30 minutes] In-Class Oral Exam Time!

Les Devoirs: Practice Chapter 4 Grammar by translating the following sentences:
  1. The apples? We bought them.
  2. The apple? Bob bought it.
  3. The math course? The girls took it.
  4. The boys? She followed them.
  5. Frédérique watches only French movies.
  6. Gabrielle lost only the cheese.
  7. Someone has left.
  8. Does the dog hear something?
  9. Marie saw nobody.
  10. Nobody understands.
  11. Jacques knows nothing.
  12. Nothing is in the backpack.
  13. We are taking a German course.
  14. Isabella is taking a biology course.
  15. The girls are taking a computer course.
  16. Louis and Lorraine are taking a physics course.
  17. We've been talking for three hours.
  18. Mathilde has been studying since noon.
  19. That makes three weeks that we've been in Paris.

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