French 2: Wednesday January 30 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  1. Write tout/toute sentences for p. 165, Exercise 13.
  2. Handwrite Vocab List 5.2, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains, four times. You must handwrite these words. You may not type them. You may ink them on your computers.
[15 minutes] tout/toute/tous/toutes practice!
  • Students put homework sentences on the board! (CAH checks homework during this time.)
  • Practice pronunciation.
  • If time allows, change nouns to require different tout forms.
[40 minutes] Vocab Practice!
  • CAH asks students questions, students answer using Vocab 5.2.
  • Do p. 172 Exs. 21 and 23 on paper.
[35 minutes] Practice time for...

Les Devoirs: Routine Skits!
  • In pairs, students compose skits about morning and evening routine.
  • One student prepares a description of a morning/before-school routine; other student acts it out.
  • Second student prepares a description of an after-school/evening routine, first student acts it out.
  • Each person's routine must include at least four activities and at least three reflexive verbs!
  • Students present without scripts or notes!

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