French 1: Wednesday January 23 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs:
  1. Write six-part conjugation charts for each of these verbs: vouloir, pouvoir, savoir, voir, devoir.
  2. Write three sentences for each verb. Each of the three for each verb should have a different subject. (In other words, you can't write all of your vouloir sentences about yourself—Je veux danser; je veux chanter; je veux manger.) 
[10 minutes] Conjugation/Pronunciation Warm-Up! 
  • Each student reads one conjugation chart (je peux, tu peux...). 
  • Then we put the charts away and each student does the same without looking!
  • Split to two groups in TA sections!
[10 minutes] Pronunciation Practice in Pairs:
  • Students pair up, read and translate each other's sentences. 
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • TA listens and guides!
[10 minutes] "You ought to..."—devoir practice!
  • Each student must think of some good advice and tell CAH something he should do, using the verb devoir: Vous devez/tu dois...."
[45 minutes] Verb Review au tableau!
  • Students put samples of sentences for each verb on board.
  • Review and correct together.
Les Devoirs: Translate the following 15 sentences:

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