Friday's Oral Exams Move to Wednesday January 16

Friday's snow day means no French oral exams today. All students who signed up for oral exams for today, Friday, January 11, will come take their oral exams on Wednesday, January 16. Here's my schedule:
  • Block 1 (08:15–09:48): French 3 White 3 Written Exam (no orals)
  • Block 2 (09:54–11:24): French 1 White 4 Written Exam (no orals)
  • Lunch, Block 3, Block 4, after school (11:30–16:30): Oral Exams
On Monday, I will put up a sign-up sheet for the times I have available on Wednesday, January 16. Update 2013.01.14 08:45 MST:  I have assigned exam times based on Friday's order to it into 12-minute slots during my available times on Wednesday. If you want to trade with someone, you may do so, but both parties must agree to switch times.

You must complete your oral exam by the end of the day Wednesday. I will give no oral exams after the end of the semester.

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