French 2: Thursday January 24 2013 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: p. 163 Exs. 8 & 9

[10 minutes] Reveillez-vous les cerveaux! Put the following trios of reflexive verbs in the proper chronological order (i.e., what would you do first, then second, then third?). Then when you're done, read your order to a neighbor, see if you agree!
  1. s'habiller / se lever / se laver
  2. se maquiller / s'en aller / prendre une douche
  3. se sécher / se peigner / prendre un bain
  4. déjeuner / se réveiller / se brosser les dents
  5. se peigner / s'habiller /se réveiller
[20 minutes] More Vocab Practice: 
  • Students pair up: one student picks vocab word, partner must say a rational sentence in French using that vocab word!
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • Do p. 160 Exs. 1, 2, & 3 together.
  • Be ready for Vocab Quiz lundi le 28 janvier!
[35 minutes] Grammar Practice: Reflexive Verbs!
  • Students put their sentences on board.
  • Other students follow to change subjects!
  • Other students follow to negate the reflexives!
Les Devoirs:
  • Reflexive Verb Practice: Write ten original sentences using reflexive verbs pertaining to the morning routine.
    • Whenever possible, include a phrase starting with avec and specifying a word from Vocab List 5.1!
    • e.g.: Je ne me rase jamais avec mon rasoir électrique.
  • Étudiez pour l'examen de vocabulaire 5.1 lundi!

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