French 2: Thursday Janaury 17 2013 Lesson Plan

[5 minutes] Administrivia
  • Stylo pals: send e-mail to confirm address!
  • Semester Exams: grades posted Monday.
  • Phrase of the day: faire de la musculation intellectuelle!
[45 minutes] New Vocabulary! List 5.1 pp. 158–161
  • Lisez et répétez!
  • Note the grammar: reflexive verbs! Most of the new verbs we get in Section 5.1 require a little extra pronoun before them to indicate that the subject/actor is doing to the action to himself/herself. That's the little se you see in front of the infinitives in the vocab list. It's like the me you say when you say, "Je m'appelle...." We'll hammer on the grammar later; for now, just remember that, if you're getting up, washing yourself, or getting your clothes or make-up on, you're going to say me after your je.
Les Devoirs: Write Vocab 5.1 List, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains words and phrases, quatre fois! Don't forget the five fun phrases for "Get the lead out!" on p. 161.

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