French 1: Day 17 Lesson Plan (Oct 12-13)

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write ten original sentences: four using mais, four using et, and two using ou.

{10 minutes} Warm-up in pairs! Read and translate each others' conjunction sentences!

{10 minutes} Students read homework sentences aloud, CAH asks each one question pertaining to what they've said.

{10 minutes} Preview Chapter Grammar Quiz
  • Day 19 (Oct 18-19)
  • [Updated Oct 13!] definite articles: le, la, l', and les (p. 44)
  • verb conjugation (p. 46)
  • contractions with à (au, à la, a l'..., aux) (p. 56)
  • conjunctions et, mais, ou (p. 58)
  • quiz will be on Moodle!
{10 minutes} Preview Oral Interview Quiz!
  • Days 19-20 (Oct 18-21)
  • This is new! We have not done this yet!
  • I will start calling students out to the hall on Day 19 in an order assigned by me. Students must be prepared to respond in French to the following five questions:
  1. Ça va?
  2. Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?
  3. Est-ce que tu ____ régulièrement? (based on response to #2)
  4. Tu préfères lire, regarder la télé, ou faire du sport?
  5. Tu parles bien français?
  • You must then ask me one comprehensible question in French! (You cannot use Ça va?!)
Les Devoirs due next time: Star Interviews!
  • Students work in pairs or trios.
  • One student plays a journalist; other student plays a famous person of some sort (une vedette, une personne célèbrée/fameuse)
  • In trios, one journalist and two famous people.
  • Journalist introduces star to us and asks five questions about activities the famous person enjoys; famous person responds appropriately with complete sentences (not just oui or non)
  • In trio, journalist asks each star five questions; may turn to the second star and simply ask, "Et vous?"
  • Script must include the words régulièrement, souvent, de temps en temps, rarement, and jamais.
  • Present in class next time!
  • Also submit presentation script via Moodle!
Remainder of class time: write up and practice star interviews!

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