French 2: Day 16 Lesson Plan (Oct 7-11)

DUE: Pas de devoirs! (No homework!)

{20 minutes} More practice with the passé composé (past tense)!
  • Focus on avoir forms (p. 58).
  • First activity: in pairs, translate the following sentences:
    1. We are choosing the music.
    2. We chose the music yesterday.
    3. Are you decorating the room?
    4. Did you decorate the room?
    5. I am wrapping the presents.
    6. I wrapped the presents Monday.
    7. Louise is sending the invitations.
    8. Louise sent the invitations Tuesday.
  • Second set:
    1. Mom and Dad are grocery shopping.
    2. Mom and Dad did the grocery shopping yesterday.
    3. Mr. H., are you organizing a party?
    4. Mr. H., did you organize a party last year?
    5. We are tidying up the house.
    6. We tidied up the house.
    7. Robert is doing the housework.
    8. Robert did the housework.
  • Write on board, read aloud.
{30 minutes} Autour du monde! Vocabulary review!
  • CAH displays flash cards on screen, students compete to respond first
  • Perhaps try one round showing French and asking for the English, then flipping to show English and ask for French.
  • Include some vocabulary from the first half of the chapter!
  • Flash cards available on Moodle in Microsoft Ink Flash Card format!
  • Reminder: Vocab Quiz 2.2 happens next meeting (Oct 12-13)!
{40 minutes} Time to work on Party Skit
  • DUE next meeting (Oct 12-13): submit script via Moodle; prepare 1-minute skit to present in class.
  • In pairs: Discuss a party! It can be a great party, a bad party, real party, imaginary party, whatever way you want to take it.
  • Use the vocabulary in Chapter 2! Use this skit to review and reinforce current vocab.
  • You are welcome but not required to use the past tense. Whether you recount a past event or plan a future event, be consistent in tense.
  • Skits must run at least one minute long.

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