French 2: Day 15 Lesson Plan

Bordeaux/Maroon: mercredi 5 octobre; Blanc/White: jeudi 6 octobre

DUE: Les Devoirs Write each vocab term/phrase (p. 56 "Entre Copains" and p. 73 Vocab 2) as part of a complete sentence. Then write each word/phrase again three times.

{15 minutes} Review vocab: Students read original sentences aloud!
  • First in pairs: read to each other, try to translate! (CAH checks homework during this time!)
  • Then read sentences aloud to class, CAH follows up with questions.
  • Reminder: Vocab Quiz on Day 17 (Oct 12-13)!
{30 minutes} Past/Present (pp. 58-60)
  • Change of plan! It turns out the passé composé structure (conjugate avoir + past participle) is not so familiar as we might have thought!
  • Emphasize regular forms first:
    • -er >>> -é
    • -ir >>> -i
    • -re >>> -u
  • Note irregular forms on p. 58
  • Save the être forms for next time!
Les Devoirs: Party Discussion Skit!
  • In pairs: Discuss a party! It can be a great party, a bad party, whatever way you want to take it.
  • Use the vocabulary in Chapter 2! Use this skit to review and reinforce current vocab.
  • The party under discussion can be an actual party you threw or attended. Feel free to change names to protect the innocent. The party under discussion can also be a product of your imagination.
  • You are welcome but not required to use the past tense. Whether you recount a past event or plan a future event, be consistent in tense.
  • Skits must run at least one minute long.
  • Students present skits in class on Day 17 (Oct 12-13).
  • Students also submit written scripts via Moodle on day of presentation.

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