French 2 Day 17 Lesson Plan (Oct 12-13)

DUE: Party conversation script submitted on Moodle!

{20 minutes} Vocab Quiz 2.2!

  • Standard format: CAH gives French terms out loud, students write accurate English translations.
  • 30 terms from pp. 56 ("Entre copains") and pp. 73 (Vocabulaire 2)
  • Grade in class!
{30 minutes} Party conversation presentations! Must run at least one minute!

{10 minutes} Preview oral interview quiz!
  • Days 19-20 (Oct 18-21)
  • This is new! We have not done this yet!
  • I will start calling students out to the hall on Day 19 in an order assigned by me. Students must be prepared to respond in French to the following five questions:
  1. Ça va?
  2. Quelle est ta fête préférée? (Holiday)
  3. Pourquoi est-ce que tu aimes mieux ___ (response from #2)?
  4. Qu'est-ce que je pourrais offrir à ma femme pour sa anniversaire?
  5. Tu souvent aides tes parents à ranger la maison?
  • You must then ask me one comprehensible question in French! (You cannot use Ça va?!)
{20 minutes} Passé composé avec être: Past tense using être!
  • Note verb forms on p. 60 that use être instead of avoir to form the past tense.
  • Note that most of these verbs are verbs of motion!
  • Note also that we have to make them agree with the subject
Les Devoirs: Do p. 60, exercise 32

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