French 2: Day 19 Lesson Plan (Oct. 18-19)

Les Devoirs: Write ten original sentences in the past tense, each using a different verb. Five verbs should come from the list of irregular verbs on p. 58 (each takes avoir to form the passé composé); five should come from the verbs listed on p. 60 (mostly verbs of motion; each one takes être to form the passé composé!).

{5 minutes} Admin!
  • Make sure works! Post log-in information on screen
  • Check homework for points.
{60 minutes} Oral Interview Quiz!
  • CAH calls students out to the hall one at a time. Volunteers first, then CAH's random speaking order. Students must be prepared to respond in French to the following five questions:
  1. Ça va?
  2. Quelle est ta fête préférée? (Holiday)
  3. Pourquoi est-ce que tu aimes mieux ___ (response from #2)?
  4. Qu'est-ce que je pourrais offrir à ma femme pour sa anniversaire?
  5. Tu souvent aides tes parents à ranger la maison?
  • After giving the five responses, each student must then ask CAH one comprehensible question in French! (You cannot use Ça va?!)
{60 minutes} Grammar Practice on online textbook!
  • During Oral Interview Quiz, students not speaking use to practice Chapter 2 grammar
  • First do Chapter 2 Grammar 2 online (pp. 22-23) -- past tense practice!
  • Then do Chapter Grammar 2 online (pp. 16-17) -- direct object and indirect object pronouns!
  • Check your work!
  • If you complete these activities, please sample the Chapter 2 grammar videos (under the "Video" tab). Please use headphones!
{20 minutes} Review online exercises together: students read sentences with responses aloud.

Pas de devoirs! Have online activities ready for review at next meeting.

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