French 1: Oct 20-21 Lesson Plan (Day 20)

Change of plans! We were going to hand in the "Lecture et écriture" exercises (p. 65 B and paragraph) and move on to Chapter 3. However, given difficulties with the passage, we're rescheduling!

Nothing due!

{10 minutes} Admin: talk about three big things!
  1. Possible trip to France! If you are interested in traveling to France, please fill out the interest survey on Moodle!
  2. French Club! If you are interested in starting a French club, let CAH know. Stuff we could do: organize fundraisers for French trip, host French café conversations, host French movie nights, sponsor presentations by French speakers....
  3. Pen Pals! CAH is currently in talks with an English teacher in France who would like her students to correspond with some English-speaking students. Correspondence with French students would be a chance for us to help them improve their English and for them to help us improve our French.
{50 minutes} Pronunciation Practice!
  • Read p. 64 out loud: first CAH demonstrates. Then we read and repeat. Then students read aloud to the class without CAH cues.
{40 minutes} Translation and Grammar!
  • Read p. 64 for content!
Les Devoirs due Oct 24-25:
  1. Write answers for p. 65, Exercise B. (Write complete sentences!)
  2. Write the paragraph about yourself ("dossier personnel") requested in "Espace écriture" on p. 65. (Cluster diagrams are optional; CAH just wants the paragraph!).
  3. For this assignment, "paragraph" = at least six sentences.
  4. Submit typed text for both Exercise B and paragraphs online on Moodle under "Chapitre 2 Lecture et écriture."

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