French 2: Oct. 26-27 Lesson Plan (Day 22)

DUE: Les devoirs! Chapter 3 Vocab 1 writing practice
  • write each term (p.113 Vocab 1, p. 85 Entre Copains) three times
  • then create four categories, place all of the food words into those categories.
{20 minutes} Vocab Practice!
  • Students place categories and foods on the board!
{20 minutes} Chapter 2 Grammar Quiz Review
  • Go over questions and answers!
{40 minutes} Practice Exercises 1, 2, 3 (p. 84)

Les Devoirs: Make groceries!
  • Next week, we're going to play Grocery Store. To do so, we need groceries.
  • But we don't want real groceries! I don't want tomatoes and a side of beef sitting on my shelf!
  • Make six drawings/boxes/representations of different foodstuffs covered in Chapter 3.
  • You may include foodstuffs from the second half of the chapter.
  • Each drawing/box/representation should be labeled in French!

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