French 1: Oct. 24-25 Lesson Plan (Day 21)

DUE: Les devoirs! p. 65 ex. B and paragraph
  • Submit typed version via Moodle!
{30 minutes} Lire à haute voix: Read out loud!
  • First in pairs, students read and translate to each other.
  • Pay close attention: try saying back to each other what you have heard about each other
  • Then students read each other's paragraphs! (Note: this requires minimal change, mostly replacing je with il/elle.
{30 minutes} New Vocabulary Practice!
  • Practice saying, responding to, and using in sentences vocab on pp. 79-81
  • Montrez-moi: body parts! la tête, le nez, les yeux, les oreilles, la bouche
  • Note that adjectives have different masculine and feminine forms!
Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing Practice! p. 107 Vocab 1
  • First handwrite each vocab word/phrase three times (include articles with nouns)
  • Then use each vocab word in a sentence!
  • For the adjectives, use each one to describe a person! Possible forms:
    1. Mme Gusso est généreuse.
    2. Taylor Swift a les cheveux longs.
    3. Christian Ponder est sportif.
    4. Brandee est créative (elle fait les bols en classe d'art).

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