French 1: Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: p. 81 Exs. 3-4
  • On Ex. 3, write all sentences, including those with no blanks to fill.
  • On Ex. 4, just write the answers (in complete sentences) to each question.
{10 minutes} Wake-up Vocab Drill!
  • Students line up at center of room, two lines, face to face.
  • Partners drill each other: one says French word, other says English translation.
  • Alternate asking and answering.
  • All shift over one spot when CAH calls!
{15 minutes} Practice Exprimons-nous! p. 80
  • First repeat the expressions.
  • Then go around the room, ask what students think of the students sitting next to them.
{10 minutes} Review Les deviors! p. 81 exs. 3-4
  • Read sentences aloud.
{30 minutes} Our next big verb: être!
  • Repeat conjugation:
  • je suisnous sommes
    tu esvous êtes
    il/elle/on estils/elles sont
  • Do p. 82 ex. 6 together
  • Students take 5 minutes to do ex. 7 on their own, then read sentences and answers aloud.
  • Drill: each student must say a sentence aloud using the pronoun and proper être form that CAH points to on board!
Les Devoirs: p. 83 exs. 8-9

Also study for Vocab Quiz 3.1: p.107 Vocabulaire 1! Quiz will take place Nov. 8-9.

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