French 2: Oct 20-21 Lesson Plan (Day 20)

DUE: Les Devoirs: 10 original past tense verb sentences! 5 using irregular participles from p. 58, 5 using verbs that take être in the past tense.
  • These ten sentences were actually assigned for last time, but oral interviews kept us from having time to go over them last time.
  • CAH also asked students to work on the Chapter 2 grammar exercises (pp. 22-23, pp. 16-17) in the online textbook at!
{5 minutes} Oral wake-up!
  • In pairs, students read and translate each other's past tense verb sentences out loud.
  • CAH uses this time to check homework.
{30 minutes} Past tense review! Passé composé!
  • Each student puts one of his/her sentences on the board.
  • Read/review sentences together, check for meaning and proper structure.
  • Pay attention to agreement of être forms! Remember that when a verb uses être to form its past tense, we treat the participle like an adjective and make it agree in gender and number with the subject!
  • Go over Chapter 2 grammar exercise pp. 22-23 together
{30 minutes} Direct/Indirect Object Pronoun Review!
  • GO over Chapter grammar exercise pp. 16-17 together.
{25 minutes} Translation Mania! Students translate these sentences at the board:
  1. I knew the teacher.
  2. The girls came to the party.
  3. We finished the book.
  4. Did you want a cookie?
  5. We took a photo.
  6. Monique chose the music.
  7. Bob went to the store.
  8. The cat died.
  9. Julie waited.
  10. It rained.
  11. I sold my computer.
  12. Mrs. Gusso danced with Mr. Gusso.
  13. The boys stayed at school.
  14. Marie sang very well.
  15. The dog ate my homework.
Les Devoirs: nothing to hand in, but study like crazy for Chapter 2 Grammar Quiz next time (Oct. 24-25)! Here's what to study:
  1. Direct object pronouns (le, la, les, me, te, nous, vous—p. 46)
  2. Indirect object pronouns (lui, leur, me, te, nous, vous—p.48)
  3. Past tense with avoir (including irregular participles—p.58)
  4. Past tense with être (mostly verbs of motion—p.60)

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