French 2: Oct 31-Nov. 1 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Make groceries!
  • Make six drawings/boxes/representations of different foodstuffs covered in Chapter 3.
  • You may include foodstuffs from the second half of the chapter.
  • Each drawing/box/representation should be labeled in French!
{30 minutes} Wake-up conversation!
  • Students tour the room, asking each other "Qu'est-ce que tu as pour l'épicerie?"
  • Students write down what they hear from the people they question.
  • Ask at least five other students what they have!
  • When we're done, each student summarizes the results: "Pour l'épicerie, nous avons.... Malheuresement, nous n'avons ni... ni...." and name two things we don't have! (note: no articles needed in the ni... ni... construction!)
{20 minutes} Textbook exercises! p. 84
  • First, Ex. 1: which items don't belong in the list: students explain why each item does not belong.
  • Second, Ex. 2: in pairs, complete and translate the recipe (la recette). Google Translate not allowed!
{20 minutes} Practice Exprimons-nous! on p. 85
  • CAH reads, students repeat.
  • Left half: say blue column aloud. Right half: say yellow column responses!
Les Devoirs: p. 84, Ex. 3: write a recipe (une recette!)
  • Each recipe must include at least five ingredients and an explanation of how to turn them into la bouffe!
Also study for Vocab Quiz 3.1: p.113 Vocabulaire 1! Quiz will take place Nov. 8-9.

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