French 1: Oct. 26-27 Lesson Plan (Day 22)

DUE: Les Devoirs: Vocab Writing Practice! (p. 107, Vocab 1)
  • Write each vocab word three times.
  • Write both the masculine and feminine forms of each adjective (e.g., beau and belle)
  • Then write an original sentence for each adjective: use the adjectives to describe real people! For example...
    • Monsieur Heidelberger est fort!
    • Madame Gusso est intelligente!
    • Madame Howard est créative!
{25 minutes} Practice adjectives!
  • Students write two of their sentences on the board. (Politeness required!)
  • Practice saying sentences aloud.
  • Check forms of être.
  • Check masculine/feminine/plural agreement.
{20 minutes} Go over Chapter 2 Grammar Quiz!
  • Check questions and answers on Moodle
  • Double-check partial credit answers!
{25 minutes} More New Vocab Practice!
  • Do p. 80 Exs. 1-2 together aloud (Ex. 1 for synonyms and antonyms; Ex. 2 for listening practice!)
Les Devoirs: p. 81 Exs. 3-4
  • On Ex. 3, write all sentences, including those with no blanks to fill.
  • On Ex. 4, just write the answers (in complete sentences) to each question.

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